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YAC Texturing
Typical Specification

Throughput : up to 3000 wafer/hr

Breakage : <0.01%

Uniformity : ≦3% (In Wafer & WtoW)

Reflevtivity : 11% @ 400~800nm

Etch Depth : 6-10um

Improve Conversion efficiency on mono/multi crystalline Silicon solar cell by reducing reflectivity
Custom Texture sizes.
Continuous additive Chemical Concentration control. Highly accurate pyramid size. No downtime for chemical exchange.
Accurate chemical flow control.
4 sided over flow
Able to handle thin wafer with minimun breakage rate. Well suitable for HetroJunction (HIT) process.
Tested Improve conversion efficieny by using YAC Texturing.
Chemical Temperature Control. Pre Heat chemical before entering bath.
Nitrogen agitation
Two Bath rinse. Low DIW usage.

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