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YAC Copper Plating
Typical Specification   
Plating Thickness : 20um/side
Plating Rate 		: ≧2um/min
Uniformity		: ≦10% (In Wafer & WtoW)
Resistivity		: 1.76×10e-8Ω・m
Warp 			: <1mm with Single Side Plating
Replace expensive silver with copper Metallization process on Crystalline Solar cells. Improve Shadow lost. Well suitable on standard mono/multi crystalline Silicon cell or HetroJunction Cells.(HIT)
High through put 3600pcs/hr System available.
Single or double sided Plating.
Large array of manual or Automatic Loaders Available. 2 to 16 media can load at a time.
Able to handle thin wafer with minimun breakage rate. Well suitable for HetroJunction (HIT) process.
2um per minute High Effency Plating
work with Multitue of seed Materials. Ti,Ta,TiW, TaW,...
Soft electrode Contact which are removeable and replaceable.

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